Chel Weaver

Piercing and Laser

Piercing to me isn’t simply a job it’s my passion .

I first got into piercing around 10 years ago really by accident when the guys at the tattoo studio I was getting tattooed by joked “you spend as much time here as us you might as work here” and that was that.

I helped out at first making tea and coffee- essential in any good tattoo studio – answering the phones daily running of the studio and helping book customers in for tattoos whilst slowly teaching myself how to pierce! Researching learning and practicing on friends and family that I’m forever grateful to!
In 2014 I got the opportunity to truly learn the ART of piercing and how to pierce properly , growing in technique style and customer following.
At this point I also started to learn how to use a laser tattoo removal machine.

In 2016 I had the incredible opportunity to move location and be more independent running the piercing buisness myself and expanding to jewellery options to more ranges styles and designs .
Buisness grew rapidly with so many regular , return and new customers keeping busy day in day out adding laser removal services on 2018.
Then by 2020 I made a tough decision to relocate in order to expand further to where I am today !
This year already seeing the addition of 14k gold jewellery added to the available jewellery options and so much more to come

Price List

Single Lobe Plain £20 : Gem £25
Double Lobe Plain £30 : Gem £35
Ear Rim (Helix) Plain £25: Gem £30
Tragus Plain £25 : Gem £30
Anti Tragus £25
Rook £30
Daith £30
Snug £30
Conch (upper/lower) £30
Industrial/Scaffold £35
Nose Plain £25 : Gem £30
Bridge £30
Septum £35
Eyebrow £30
Lip £25
Vertical Labret £25
Philtrum (Medusa) middle top lip £30
Smiley (Frenulum) inside top lip £30
Navel  Single Gem £30 : Double Gem £35
Tongue inc first downsize £35

Intimate Piercings
Vertical or Horizontal Hood from £60
Christina Piercing from £60
Prince Albert from £60
Dydoe from £60
Frenum from £60
Scrotum from £60
Nipple (single) £30
Nipple (double) £55

Do you use a gun?

No. Absolutely Not.
Piercings carried out with a gun will never be done by a professional piercer for multiple reasons, here just a few
– Guns cause brut force trauma by forcing the cheap sharpened earnings through the tissue.
– Guns can not be sterilised – meaning blood bourne and airborne pathogens remain on the gun
– The earnings are a standard size and do not allow for all ears to swell often leading to them being embedded in the ear.

Is there age restrictions for piercings?

Yes – I do not pierce anyone under 18 without the legal parent / guardian present.
Some piercings are age restricted –
Lobe 6+
Ear Rim (Helix) 12+
All other ear 14+
Nose 14+
Eyebrow 14+
Lip 14 +
Navel 14+
Tongue 16+
Intimate Piercings
ID may be requested.

What Jewellery do you use?

All jewellery is either ASTM F136 grade titanium or 14k Gold

Does it hurt?

Probably the question I get asked the most …. pain is obviously subjective to everyone, in short yes it’s going to be a little uncomfortable but varies depending on the body part . The process will be carried out efficiently and professionally to limit any discomfort.

Can you recommend what piercing is best for me ?

Absolutely, we are all very different anatomically so I will always advise on any piercing that will or won’t work for you.

How Should I look after my new piercing?

See Aftercare instructions below

What days do you work?

Currently Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Is it appointment only or walk ins too?

I generally work by appointment so always best to book in advance especially school holidays .
Walk ins may be possible if time allows but not always guaranteed.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work ?
Initially I will book you in for a test patch and consultation.
– Everything will be explained and forms completed
– If everything is ok with the forms a test patch will be carried out to ensure no adverse reaction occurs
-Normal reactions are – warm sunburns sensation , pin prick effect , small blisters
-The Laser simply starts a reaction within the particle of ink for your body to be able to disperse the ink as the particle becomes smaller.

How many sessions will it take?
No one can answer this – if anyone tells you 5/8/10 sessions they are simply guessing as no one can tell how your body will react .

How frequent are sessions ?
Strictly 6 weeks minimum betweeen sessions

What type of laser do you use ?
Pure Violet diamond Q Switch Monolithic YAG

Does your machine remove all colours?
Black is the most responsive to the process with yellows blues and greens being more stubborn.

How much does each session cost ?
Price varies depending on the size detail and colours within the tattoo . Minimum session price starts from

Does it hurt ?
Everyone says differently, these are some of the descriptions people
Have said, “it feels like being flicked with and elastic band “
“Like sunburn “
“Fat spat off a frying pan” “stinging nettles”


We cannot stress just how important good aftercare is.
Follow these daily guidelines should help your piercing heal quickly without issues.
Daily hygiene is key until your piercing has settled down. Different piercings have different healing times and  those stated below should only be used as a guide. Leave your piercing alone, the less you fiddle with it the better.
Cleaning instruction:
Wash your hands prior to cleaning your piercing
Clean your piercing 2-3 times a day throughout the healing process using one of the following solutions:
pre packed, sterile saline solution such as Neilmed or Stericlens.
Sea salt soak made as follows: dissolve a quarter teaspoon of non iodine sea salt in half a pint of boiling water – allow to cool.
Simply invert a cup over your piercing with your chosen solution and soak for approx 10 min ( the longer the better )
Dry the piercing using disposable tissue.
Resist the temptation to pick any crusts which may form around the piercing.
Tongue piercings may be cleaned using mouthwash (without alcohol) or a saline solution after eating.
Frequency for cleaning your piercing:
Week 1 – Twice daily
Week 2 – Every other day
Week 3 – As and when required
Hints and tips:
The jewellery you have been pierced with will be over sized to allow for swelling and to help with cleaning, once your piercing is healed it is your responsibility to purchase correct fitting jewellery which we are more than happy to help you with.
After bathing/showering, ensure any soap is rinsed away from your piercing and follow the above procedure. With CLEAN hands ensure that the threaded jewellery is kept tight.
Wear clean loose clothing around your piercing to avoid irritation during healing.
Avoid beauty care product including TCP and cream soaps around your piercing until healed, do not hang charms on your piercing until fully healed.
A healthy lifestyle helps your piercing to heal, avoid recreational drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.
Having a dermal punch is a permanent removal of tissue, if you remove your jewellery whilst cleaning the area you may experience shrinkage of the pierced tissue.
What is normal?
Initially bleeding, swelling, tenderness and possible bruising, during healing some itching and secretion of a whitish/yellow fluid which may form crusts around the jewellery. During healing the tissue around your piercing may tighten.
If you have any concerns, please contact me and I’ll will be happy to answer your questions.
Recommended healing times before changing  your jewellery (approx)
Nose – 8 weeks
Eyebrow – 8-12 weeks
Lip/Chin – 6-8 weeks
Nipples – 12 weeks
Navel – 12 weeks – 1 year
Tongue – Initial bar once swelling has gone down approx 10 days – 4 weeks.
Genitals – 6 weeks,  no unprotected sex before 3 months (genital piercing aftercare, wash with antibacterial soap and dab dry)